Sorry, the Rock Drumming System is not available at this time...

Letter from Jared Falk
Sent: March 15, 2013


Dear Friend,

We are currently out of stock of the Rock Drumming System. But if you're looking for the best step-by-step video drum lessons to take your playing to the next level, I recommend checking out Mike Michalkow's Drumming System. Mike Michalkow is a renowned drum instructor and his training pack covers everything you need to take your rock drumming to the next level - plus he covers many other musical styles as well. I encourage you to watch the videos and browse around at

The Rock Drumming Underground is another valuable resource for you. You'll find a collection of rock drum lessons and drum articles for drummers of all levels, plus lists of professional drummers, important drum terms, and the best drum-related websites. The Rock Drumming Underground was created to give rock drummers, like yourself, a collection of useful resources for improving their playing at the kit so they can have more fun playing the drums!

Beginners are encouraged to start with the essential drum skills and techniques. There you will find helpful articles on how to hold a drum stick, how to count time, how to read drum notation, and how to tune your drums. These are important lessons for any drummer to learn, and by learning them as a beginner you'll create a solid foundation for your future as a rock drummer.

Intermediate and advanced drummers will benefit from the lessons on how to learn new drum beats, how to play a drum solo, and how to play a drum roll. Or if you would like to spice up your drumming, you can enjoy our lessons on how to play linear drum beats, how to play triplet fills, and drumming with brushes. Visit the Rock Drumming Underground for a full list of resources.

I encourage you to browse around the links I've provided. Plus, if you are looking for an extra dose of motviation and inspiration to boost your rock drumming to the next level, you should check out Drumeo Edge, where you can get the support of over 20 highly qualified instructors and participate in online drum lessons with a full community of passionate drummers.

To Your Drumming Success,

P.S. - You can also get free drum lessons at, the ultimate resource for drummers looking to improve their musical abilities.